Filing a Motion

Wish I had seen this before. It's on but under partners and inside it's from Ventura County. There's 58 counties in California and all offer some so you can also choose which county site is best for what.


I did this part and got a hearing date.

But I missed that when I filed the motion I was supposed to have mailed a copy and filled out a form saying so. The fix is I mail tomorrow and then provide that form.

Also it's important to remember to sign your fee waiver and motion. When I left the house I knew to do that. But there were such problems printing it at FedEx, due to the length. It's 108 pages. But 84 of those are the Exhibit of the lawsuit. That makes it too large a PDF to print at the kiosks at either Staples or FedEx.

I don't like to look bad. But this 84 page lawsuit keeps making it hard to work with and due to unnecessary length. Developers who write unnecessarily lengthy code get poor performance reviews. I write the tightest code applicable to need with the best of them.

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