Exhibit One

This is the eighty-four page lawsuit served to me by Chase Martin of AMMCG. The process server told me it was the thickest he'd ever served then told me the My Pillow guy was falsely accused. I don't mix business with politics, so replied non-commitally, but dude, really, Michael J. Lindell, is so silly and no "polite" news media will have him on.

The issue is two exhibits didn't print correctly in the copy served me. That and it's missing a referenced Exhibit 5-1 and includes an unreferenced Exhibit 6. And this is a professional that did that work. And it's DEAD ON ARRIVAL when it lacks an exhibit referenced in the complaint, if Exhibits 3 and Exhibits 4 not being clearly not the "clear and complete copies" claimed.

What I did is attach a cover letter and drop it off at First American Title as a buyer-seller communication. No big deal to them as they scan large documents delivered to them regularly, but had I done it at Staples on the self-serve machine and had it emailed to me—that's 50 cents a page, or $42, because it's a SCAM and the same machine would copy it at 15 cents a page and email me a receipt and scanning to PDF means NO CONSUMABLES!

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