“The thickest lawsuit I’ve ever served”

On April 11, 2021 I received service of the lawsuit. I expressed to the server I had no issues accepting it and commented more people should be like that because it's just a message being delivered that you have an important matter to attend to. I also said I guessed that many people served aren't like that and express anger towards the process server.

He remarked it was the thickest lawsuit he'd ever served then somehow we ended in a mention by him of Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, and how he's been sued and it was the belief of the process server he would prevail. I was respectful and allowed him to have his view and without stating mine. This is the lawsuit, as served me, and it's 84 pages long with most being exhibits which are surely longer than needed, at least in the view of this non-lawyer.

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